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Banning veggie burgers ? Surely not.

I've always disliked government being patronising. It's one of the reasons why we founded the 'VLD – Partij van de Burger' all those years ago.

A burger's a burger, however you like it....

... and the Common Agricultural Policy holds plenty of more important measures to make sure both farmers and consumers get the most out of Europe's farming sector ! 🌾 🍔 🚜

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Une minute de silence au Parlement européen en hommage au professeur #SamuelPaty #OnOubliePas 🇫🇷🇪🇺
One minute of silence in the European Parliament in honour of French teacher #SamuelPaty
#neverforget 🇫🇷🇪🇺

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Look around you, and every day you see another crisis left unanswered. Internationally, there's Belarus, Turkey, Navalny, Hong Kong. And internally, we know our asylum and migration policies are insufficient and rule of law breaches remain unresolved.

EU inaction has become the rule, and it's easy to see why. Paul-Henri Spaak saw it coming in... 1942: unanimity leads to impotence and irrelevance. ("Combats Inachevés: de l'Indépendance à l'Alliance")

There's madness in our method. We need a Conference on the Future of Europe to revisit the rules, decide what our common interests are and how best to take care of them.

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The only protectionism you need 😂. ...

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Lecturing the EU in proper finance while their own friends receive money from Putin to destroy Europe... There's a scandal for you. ...

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Together, we can build a fairer, better and brighter Europe! Are you with me? #IAmEuropean ...

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🇪🇺 Long before the Covid crisis, it was clear that Europe was not institutionally armed to respond to the new world order as it emerged from the confrontation between the United States and China. The chaotic management by the EU of this health crisis has only confirmed its structural unpreparedness to face a major shock, even if the Commission has done its best to support the disrepair of the Council. There is therefore a risk of being marginalised in the coming world and incapable of defending the collective interests of Europeans. It is no longer time to procrastinate when the future of Europe is at stake. The European Council must imperatively take a stand and convene this Conference, which has been announced many times. Our fellow citizens aspire for the debate to open and for solutions to be found so that Europe retains its rank in this century. #IAmEuropean ...

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