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06 April 2014

The 20th commemoration of the Rwanda genocide

An emotional send off at the airport for the families of the victims.

It was an emotional Sunday morning when prime minister Elio Di Rupo and myself gave the families of the victims of the Rwanda genocide a safe send off at the airport.

In 2000, I offered my apologies  on behalf of the Belgian government to the families of the more than 800.000 victims who where brutally murdered in two months time while the international community stood by and watched it happen. It changed my view on politics: there is much more to it than getting the numbers right. There is such a thing as an international community: we have the moral obligation to act.

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10 June 2014

Verhofstadt message to European leaders: Europe needs reform, not rejection
Guy Verhofstadt calls on EU leaders, especially Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Fredrik Reinfeldt and Mark Rutte meeting yesterday and today in Harpsund (Sweden), to focus on a clear vision of how the EU, through its economies of scale, can be a catalyst for growth in the years ahead.

27 May 2014

Guy Verhofstadt attended the liberal prime ministers' meeting today ahead of the informal European Council

Conclusion of the meeting was that the political groups of the EPP and the PES parties lost 70 seats in the May 22-25 election.This means that ALDE will be key to the formation of a stable parliamentary majority in the European parliament.

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